Questions and Answers


All applicants must complete a County application to be returned to either the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office or the Jefferson County Correctional Facility reception areas. (Applications are available at the listed locations) .

Be sure that your application is printed or typed neatly and that all information is correct for example: dates, addresses, phone numbers, and other pertinent information. Please do not call inquiring about your application, as there are many applications that are received each day. Your application will be put into a data bank in the order that it's received. You may or may not be contacted for testing after initial screening is completed, Remember their are many candidates that submit applications. This will begin your process.


Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
1001 Pearl St.
Beaumont,TX 77701
(409) 835-8411

Jefferson County Correctional Facility
5030 Highway 69 South
Beaumont,TX 77705
(409) 726-2500


Entry level Clerical................……. Salary: $1,544/monthly

Entry level Corrections Officer....... Salary: $3,042.73/monthly

Entry level Deputy.................……. Salary: $4,155.15/monthly

Salaries are subject to change


  • Earn 4 hrs of sick leave per month, up to a total of 1440 hrs.
  • 10 days paid vacation after 12 consecutive months fo service
  • 12 paid holidays
  • 16 hrs paid personal leave
  • Retirement – 7% of gross salary matched equally by Jefferson County
  • Insurance-County paid premium for employee with group coverage for health, dental, and term life
  • Military leave
  • Credit Union
  • Incentive pay based on education

May I apply for more than one position?

Answer: Yes, an applicant can apply for more than one position. You may refer to the Office Brochure for the qualifications and minimum requirements for employment with the Sheriff's Office. In this employment packet, you will see the qualifications for the positions of Deputy, Corrections Officer, and Clerical staff. Also available are specific job descriptions of the particular position for which you are applying for.

When will I hear from the Sheriff's Office regarding the status of my application?

Answer: Your application will be placed on file with our Office for a period of 1 year pending a testing session, in which you may or may not receive a test date. You will not be contacted by the Personnel Office until a test session date is determined (testing sessions are scheduled as deemed necessary by the Office); therefore, we ask that you do not call inquiring about the "status" of your application, since it will be considered "pending." If you are selected to proceed in the process, you will be sent a "continued process letter" and if you are not selected to continue, you will be sent a letter stated you were not selected during this processing period. Contact with you is made through a Personnel Officer to the address and or phone number you provided. If you have moved since completing your application, call the office with those change(s).

How do I know if my application is being considered?

Answer: Once the Personnel Office receives your application, it is placed in our computer system according to the date received and position sought. Subsequently, a preliminary criminal history check is generated to determine if you qualify under the "Criminal History" criteria only,(e.g., outstanding warrants(s), unfavorable criminal history, etc.). when this has been established, you may or may not be contacted for a testing date.

Once again due to the many applications received each day or due to one or more of the circumstances listed in this packet.

As posted employment positions become available, applicants will be contacted in order their application was submitted to this Office. There is a large volume of applications received daily. Unfortunately, applications far outnumber the employment positions and only a small portion of the applicants will be contacted for a testing session. (NOTE: Applications remain on file for a 1 year period only.) You will be contacted concerning our next testing date, with the location and at what time the test will be administered.

If you have submitted your application to this Office in the past and have not heard from us, it may have been due to one or more of the following reasons:

  1. You did not meet one or more of the Office minimum requirements,
  2. The position you are seeking was not available during that 1 year period, and/or
  3. The Office was unable to contact you due to an incorrect address.

How long does the entire process take?

Answer: This question is very difficult to answer since everyone's background varies. Furthermore, not all applicants are required to undergo all phases (e.g., a clerical applicant is not required to undergo the Agility Test.

All applicants will be required to successfully pass all required phase(s) of the employment process for the particular position sought and will do so at the direction of the Deputy Chief or designated Personnel officer.

Ultimately, your completed file will be forwarded to the Sheriff, Deputy Chiefs and others on the Review Board for their consideration for employment. Upon their review, you may or may not be contacted for an interview with the Review Board and the Sheriff.

If I am accepted for employment, where will I be assigned and on what shift?

Answer: That information will be provided to you during your orientation period. During this period you will receive a tour of the Office and the mission of each division. Assignment will depend on whether you applied for Corrections division, Law Enforcement division or Clerical. If you read the brochure you will see their are many different areas of each division to pursue. All Corrections and Law Enforcement applicants may be required to work shift work (including holidays and weekends). As a new employee, you are required to work a forty-hour work week, and you will have two consecutive days off.

For example, you may be assigned to night shift with Monday/Tuesday off until you build the seniority to be eligible for a more favorable assignment. The same applies whether you apply for Corrections division or Law Enforcement division.

However, there are different functions of each division, you may refer to the Office brochure for more information regarding different job functions within each division. In another words it depends on what position, and division you apply for in regard to what shift or assignment you receive.

Will the Sheriff's Office stop accepting applications?

Answer: The Sheriff's Department will accept applications for as long as deemed necessary. At any given time, we may find it appropriate to discontinue accepting applications. We suggest that you contact our Personnel office (409) 835-8411 or 726-2500 to verify which positions are posted.

Can I be hired as a corrections officer if I'm not TCOLE certified?

Answer: No, The sheriff’s Office requires all applicants to be certified by TCOLE prior to start of employment. Applicant may take the online TCOLE Correctional Officer Course or attend a 96 hour Correctional Officer Course offered by our Officer or another TCOLE approved academy at his or her own expense

What is TCLEOSE?

Answer: TCLEOSE is the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education. This state agency sets the standards, regulations and guidelines for all Law Enforcement training within the state of Texas. For example, this agency administers the state licensing exam for certification