What are the duties of a Correctional Officer, Communications Officer, Clerk, and Peace Officer?

All duties include the following, but not limited to:

Corrections Officer:

  1. Make security rounds inside dorms and other areas of the facility.
  2. Inspect dorms for cleanliness
  3. Enforce the rules and regulations of the facility and dorm
  4. Write disciplinary and incident reports
  5. Operate radio, to communicate within the facility
  6. Conduct searches within the facility and dorm area

Communications Officer:

  1. Operates assigned radio frequencies, receiving from and transmitting to authorized units.
  2. Performs 911 duties. Answers telephones, etc
  3. Performs emergency dispatch duties, answers telephones, transfers callers to appropriate locations, enters data into computer and provides information.
  4. Performs tlets system duties.
  5. Maintains records and files pertaining to dispatch center operations.


  1. Files memoranda, letters, documents and other related duties.
  2. Answers telephones and take messages.
  3. Types reports and documents for approval, enter computer data.


  1. Enforce laws. Apprehends violators, investigates violations of the law. Prepares report and documents related to offenses which are submitted to the proper authorities.
  2. Maintains order. Deters violations, intervenes in adverse situations. Protects people and property from injury and damage.