Narcotics Division

Mission Statement

The mission of the Jefferson County Narcotics Division is to apply their knowledge and skills by investigating, identifying, apprehending and assisting in the successful prosecution of those persons who violate the laws of the State of Texas, and of the United States, by trafficking in the manufacture, distribution and sale of illegal narcotics and other dangerous drugs.

The task force combats the proliferation of illegal narcotics by concentrating their enforcement in a multi-agency task force/multi-jurisdictional task force that focuses on the distribution and sale of street level illegal narcotics. They also enhance efforts in the area of manufacturing and transshipment of illegal narcotics. These deputies and officers patrol major U.S. highways and interstates throughout Jefferson County and conduct under-cover operations in order to deter criminal activity. These specially trained deputies and officers target major criminals, and narcotic smugglers, and traffickers who attempt to deliver bulk quantities of illicit drugs from other locations with destination into and through Jefferson County.