Application Process


Application is completed and returned by applicant to the Jefferson County Correctional Facility or Jefferson County Sheriff's Department at which time you may have questions regarding your application. This may be an opportunity of re-enforcing your interest in a Law Enforcement Career. Once the application is completed, it is then screened to determine if you meet the preliminary minimum requirements pertaining to the job qualifications.


After meeting all preliminary minimum requirements, you will be scheduled for testing. Applicants are required to take a reading comprehension/vocabulary test, which you are given 45 minutes to complete, and a spelling test. These tests are designed to measure your skills in these areas. You may retake these tests in 90 days if you are within 5 points of passing.


After passing the written exams, applicants will be issued a Personal History Booklet requiring detailed information regarding educational background, employment history, military service, and arrest record (including traffic violations). This Personal History Booklet will ask personal questions regarding your background used to determine and establish your suitability for employment as a Deputy, Corrections Department, or other position within the Sheriff's Department.


After completing the personal history booklet, the complete folder is assigned to a background investigator who validates the information concerning the applicant which is contained in the personal history booklet. This report once completed will provide substantial data upon which a valid decision can be determined for suitability of employment. This report will insure that all required documents and correspondence is obtained and processed to validate information. It will also verify all driving records, criminal records, and employment history. It could be a temporary or permanent disqualified based on the circumstances. Upon completion of the background investigation, the applicant's folder is reviewed by the Deputy Chief. It is then forwarded to the assigned Personnel Department for processing.


This booklet allows the applicant to answer in his/her own handwriting questions regarding his/her past criminal behavior and other areas that will be covered in the Polygraph exam/interview. This could be a temporary or permanent disqualified based on circumstances. Upon completion of the pre-polygraph booklet, the applicant will be given a polygraph exam administered by a licensed polygraph examiner employed by the Sheriff's Department. This could be a temporary or permanent disqualifier based on the circumstances.


Upon completion of the polygraph exam, the applicant will be given a battery of psychological tests and a interview by a licensed psychologist who will evaluate the applicant's responses to determine suitability for employment. This could be a temporary or permanent disqualifier based on the circumstances.


Drug screen urinalysis is taken by a contracted drug screen facility to determine suitability of employment. The applicant is also given a medical evaluation and must complete the obstacle course. Employment will be contingent upon the results of the above mentioned tests and exams.