If an individual wishes to deposit money for an inmate’s phone account, they may do so by using the services offered by Smart Communications public web portal at

What is SmartInmate™ Account?

SmartInmate™ accounts can be used to:

Getting Started

  1. Visit or contact Customer Care at (888)253-5178 to create your account

  2. Search for inmates to connect with and send them a request. Inmates must approve the request before you can start communicating.

  3. Deposit funds online at or through one of the other available options.

  4. Start Communicating immediately.

    Calling Account Types

    Allows Smart communications offers different calling account options to allow you to pay for inmate phone calls in advance and stay connected.

    Prepaid Collect (PPC)

    Allows family and friends to pay for collect calls they receive from an inmate in advance. The PPC account holder decides which phone numbers are allowed and how much they want to spend on receiving collect calls.

    Voicemail Exchange (VMX™)

    PPC calling account funds can also be used to leave voicemails for an inmate.

    PIN Debit

    Family and friends can deposit funds directly into PIN Debit accounts. These account funds are owned by the inmate and can be used to pay for calls they place to any facility-approved phone number.

    Deposit Options

    There are a variety of ways to deposit funds into calling accounts. Once processed, deposited funds are available immediately.


    Quick, convenient, secure and available 24/7/365. Visit and log into your account.

    Live Operator

    Available 7 days a week from 7:00am to 12:00 Midnight EST by calling our toll-free Customer Care at (888)253-5178.

    Lobby Kiosk

    Some facilities have lobby kiosks where deposits can be made with credit card or cash.

    Automated Operator

    Available 24/7/365 by calling our tollfree Customer Care at (888)253-5178 and selecting

    “Make a Deposit” from the automated menu.


    Deposit funds via money order or certified check. Include the phone number of the Prepaid Collect (PPC) or PIN Debit calling account in which funds are to be deposited. Also include the phone number of the party depositing funds.

    Make payable to “Smart Communications” and mail to:

    Smart Communications Deposit Center

    P.O. Box 1848 Pinellas Park, FL 33780

    *Notes: Online, Kiosk and automated operator deposits are subject to a $3.00 processing fee. Live operator deposits are subject to a $5.95 processing fee. Deposits sent through mail are not subject to a processing fee.

    SmartInmate™ Payments

    SmartInmate™ account funds can be deposited online – visit and log in to your account.

    A minimum $5.00 deposit is required. Each deposit is subject to a $1.50 processing fee.

    Local/on-site video visits are provided free of charge. Remote visits from home are 20 cents per minute and are scheduled in 15 or 30 minute blocks.

    Two free electronic messages are provided every Saturday. Additional messages are 50 cents each.

    Electronic photos are $1.00 each.


    SmartInmate™ provides a twoway electronic messaging service that allows you to send and receive messages from your smartphone or PC.

    Inmates can send and receive messages on secure, password protected kiosks or tablets stationed at the institution.

    Photo Delivery

    SmartInmate™ also provides a one-way photo delivery service. Photos can be accessed by inmates an unlimited number of times.

    Remote Video Visitation

    SmartVisit Video Visitation allows you to have video calls with an inmate from the comfort and privacy of your own PC with web camera and internet connection.

    • Include your loved one in everyday activities, birthdays, holiday gatherings, etc.

    • Saves time, expense and hassle of traveling to the facility

    • More comfortable visiting experience for younger children

      Customer Care

      Our Customer Care Call Center is open 7 days a week from 7:00am to 12:00 Midnight EST and can be reached tollfree at (888)253-5178. Our friendly, knowledgeable, U.S. based Customer Care representatives are prepared to assist you:

    • Create an account

    • Deposit funds into an account

    • Service questions and rates

    • Billing and refund questions

Commissary/Trust Payments

Access Securepak

MUST get information from Commissary and Trust Vendors for public users to add funds.

Use Access Securepak™ to purchase commissary

Visit Access Securepakis designed to be your ONE STOP SHOP for sending gift packages to your family or friends in the Jefferson County Jail. All products displayed on the website have been pre-approved by the Texas Department of Corrections. Choose from a wide variety of snacks, meats & cheeses, seafood and candy to build your own special gift package! Just shop, click and let Access Securepakdo the rest!

Phone call 1-888-988-4PMT (4768) to add funds to an inmate’s commissary or trust account using this automated telephone system. The system is available 24 hours a day

The system requires you to have the following information when making a deposit using the automated telephone system:

Please be sure to listen carefully to all the prompts on the system, including the confirmation prompts, to ensure that you are depositing the funds onto the account for the proper inmate.

Money Orders

Money orders can be mailed directly to inmates. Make the money order payable to the inmate and include their ID number.

Mail money orders to:

5030 Hwy 69 S.

Beaumont, TX 77705

**Please note- fees may apply to all deposit methods. Specific terms are provided when making a deposit.

Access Corrections

Access Corrections offers many convenient methods to send money to your loved one’s trust account. .

Mobile app, online and phone deposits are available 24-hours a day, every day.
Funds are typically transferred in real-time and posted to your loved one’s account within hours.
Creating an account with Access Corrections is fast and easy. Click here to learn more.
To make a deposit, you will need the recipient’s ID number, first name and last name, as well as the facility name and location.
Access Corrections charges a service fee for each transaction. Amounts vary based on the payment method and amount.