Isn't Law Enforcement and Corrections work dangerous?

Surprisingly, this type of work is less dangerous than many other occupations. After extensive training and much exposure you are prepared to do the job.

Am I too small or not strong enough to be a Deputy Sheriff or Corrections Officer?

You find yourself using your mind more than your physical abilities. Once again the extensive training you receive in the Corrections or Peace Officer academy will make you proficient in defensive tactics and verbal commands.

I'm afraid of guns, will I have to use one?

Unfortunately, firearms are a needed tool of the Law Enforcement and Corrections profession. However depending on what division you apply for will depend on whether or not you will use a firearm in the course of your duties. For example, if you apply for Corrections you will be trained to use firearms however, you may or may not use them in the course of your duties. If you apply for Law Enforcement division, you will be trained to use a firearm and be required to carry one while on duty. The good thing is the majority of Peace officers go their entire career with out having to discharge their weapon. The fear will eliminate itself as you become trained and proficient in firearms training.

What if my family doesn't agree with me choosing this profession?

Your family will overcome their reservations once they realize the important and vital role you play in our community. You are serving and protecting the citizens whether you work in the Correctional facility or patrolling the streets.

Do male officers treat female officers as equal?

Yes. Correction Officers and Deputies understand the need to work as a team and for that reason they assist each other regardless of gender.

As a Corrections officer will I have to work in a dormitory within the Correctional facility?

Yes, for the first few years you will be required to work in the correctional facility. However, once you gain seniority and after you complete your probationary period of 1 year you may bid for other jobs within the facility and test for promotions such as: Sergeant, ect.. when their is an opening in the Law Enforcement Division you may test for that position, If you are a TCLEOSE Certified Peace Officer.

Is the Correctional and Peace Officer training very hard and intense?

Yes. The physical training is very intense and strenuous. If an individual has not exercised in sometime, the physical training could be difficult. The training staff in the Correctional and Peace officer academy will provide assistance to any cadet that needs additional training.

Will I be required to have a partner when I begin working in Patrol or the Correctional Facility?

Yes. While working in the Correctional Facility or in Patrol you will be working with a partner while you are a probationary officer while completing the field training program in the Correctional Facility or in Patrol.