Jefferson County Youth Academy (JCYA)


Jefferson County Youth Academy
5030 Hwy 69 Access Rd
Beaumont, Texas 77705

Phone: (409) 720-4019
Phone: (409) 720-4075
Fax: (409) 720-4051


The Jefferson County Youth Academy (J.C.Y.A.) Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (J.J.A.E.P.) Day Boot camp is the result of the cooperative efforts of the Jefferson County Commissioners, the Sheriff's Office, Juvenile Probation Department, State District Judge, and Region V with various Jefferson County School Districts. The program is designed to incorporate the student and their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) working toward a common goal. There are three (3) categories of students at our facility. Students are either on Probation, on Deferred Prosecution, or are expelled from their home school without court intervention. Our assigned staff consists of:

  • A Principal
  • Teachers
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • A Probation Officer
  • Supervisor - Juvenile Probation

Mission Statement

The precise mission and role of the Jefferson County Youth Academy presents a unique challenge. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Juvenile Justice Judges, Juvenile Probation's Department, Parents, and the Jefferson County School Districts work together in a joint effort to provide at risk students quality education.

Student Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for the Youth Academy are simple. It is for males and/or females. Their ages are from 10 to 16 year olds. A student may turn 17 and remain in the program until he/she either completes their requirements to successfully leave the program or graduates. Licensed Medical personnel must medically and mentally screen students before they enter into the program. The Program is designed for juvenile offenders on probation and at risk students. Our student population can allow for up to 90 students.