Corrections Facility

The mission of the Jefferson County Correctional Facility is to provide the safe and secure detention of offenders in order to protect the staff, inmates, and citizens of Jefferson County. Our purpose and intent of the many educational programs offered within our facility is to provide inmates with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to become productive citizens of our society.

Entrance to Jefferson County Corrections Facility, showing USA flag and Texas flag.

Jefferson County Corrections Facility

The Jefferson County Corrections Facility is a "short term" facility. The facility is certified by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. This facility is designed to house prisoners in a direct supervision atmosphere that is safe and secure. The Corrections Facility intent through education and rehabilitation programs is to interrupt the cycle of criminal activity that results in the recidivism of the persons being incarcerated. Educational programs include Anger Management, GED, Auto Body repair, as well as, other programs offered by the Correctional Facility.

Intake and Releasing Sections

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Intake & Releasing Section will provide quality service to the public and insure the proper identification, classification, and timely release of all inmates housed in our facility.


Hallway with workers behind a desk and two people in front of the desk.

Intake Section

The Jefferson County Correctional Facility provides services to a daily average inmate population of over 800 inmates, all of which must enter or be released through the Intake and Releases Section respectively. Each person brought into the facility is processed in the same manner.

  • Searched
  • Property taken, logged, bagged
  • Processed through the Identification section
  • Medically screened for obvious injuries etc.
  • Booked-in, advised of charges and means of release if any
  • If unable to secure release, dressed in facility uniform and
  • Housed in temporary quarters prior to final classification.

After a person has completed the booking process, he/she will be placed into one of several classifications: high risk, medium risk, low-risk, and/or trustee status. These classifications are based on records compiled by this agency and criminal history compiled by the Texas Criminal Information Center and the National Criminal Information Center. Utilizing this information, inmates are classified by current charges, past history, conduct in the facility, and in some cases, mental stability in the least restrictive manner possible. Initial medical screening is conducted by a state certified paramedic in order to assess any obvious medical conditions. Once classified, medical personnel will attempt to obtain a full medical history for this person, and conduct a physical to determine other medical needs. The procedure includes the creation of a permanent medical chart, a series of medical related questions, and a basic overall evaluation of the person's health.


The primary function of the releasing section is to insure the proper and timely release of all persons from our custody. The most common forms of release are: posting bond; paying one's fines requirements; receiving credit for time served; a refusal from the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office; or a commitment ordering a subject to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice system.

Minimum and Medium Risk Facilities

Large room with many beds.

Minimum Risk Facility

The interiors of these facilities are similarly designed. Both are open bay dormitory style with a raised area for the officer to observe the entire area.

The differences begin with the fact that minimum risk inmates have considerable freedom of movement within the facility, though that movement is controlled, monitored, and records of current location are maintained.

Medium risk inmates are continually controlled and any movement outside their living area conducted under escort.

Maximum Risk Facilities

Two officers in a control room over looking a large room.

Maximum Risk Facility

Jefferson County has two maximum security buildings with 186 beds for persons,

  • Classified by offense or history as high risk
  • Administratively separated due to an inability to function in the general population
  • Separated from the general population for disciplinary infractions for a maximum of 15 to 30 days dependent upon severity of those infractions
  • Separated from the general population for protective reasons, perhaps due to infamous crimes
  • Separated from the general population for "special conditions", perhaps mentally ill

Law Library

A room with bookcases filled with books and several desks with typewriters.

Law Library

The Law Library provides adequate and meaningful Access to Courts for every person held in jail. The main library serves Low and Medium security prisoners, while an Auxiliary serves Maximum-security prisoners.


A room with desks, computers, reading materials, and pictures historical figures on the walls.


The Education Department conducts or coordinates many programs for the inmates of the facility. These include, but are not limited to: G.E.D., Parenting classes, AA meetings, and reading classes.