Criminal Investigations Unit

Mission Statement

The primary objective of the Criminal Investigations Division is the prevention and interruption of crime through investigations resulting in a safer community for all

Detectives within The Criminal Investigations Division are law enforcement Deputies specially trained to investigate crime against any person; such as homicide, robbery, hate crimes, kidnapping, crimes against children and the elderly, family violence, human trafficking and sexual assault. A special Detective is assigned to enforce and manage the sex offender registration program and investigate potential violations of state law by the offender. The Criminal Investigations Division investigates a wide variety of property crimes; burglary, theft/theft of precious metals, criminal mischief, cyber- crimes and financial crimes.

The Detective’s dedication, case preparation and expertise in courtroom testimony are essential components in the successful prosecution of criminals. Detectives within the division strive to perform their duties with professionalism and a wholehearted goal of seeking justice for all citizens within our community. The Criminal Investigations Division works in conjunction with the community and relies on the community for information related to crime to help deter, prevent and solve crimes.

If you have information regarding a crime, please join with us in this effort and report potential criminal activity to the Criminal Investigations Division. Please phone us at our main number 409.835.8411 or directly in C.I.D. at 409.835.8419. Captain Trish Molfino is the Commanding Officer of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division.