Visitation at the Jefferson County Correctional Facility will restart Sunday (9/26/2021).

Criminal Investigations Unit

Mission Statement

The mission of the Criminal Investigations Unit is to apply the investigative knowledge and skills to the criminal offense assigned to that detective, in order to develop leads, facts, and any other relative information that may assist in solving the case in an effective and timely manner with professionalism.

C.I.D. Detectives are deputies that have been assigned to investigate criminal offenses such as, but not limited to: auto theft, crimes against persons such as homicide, child abuse, and family violence; crimes against property such as robbery and offenses such as forgery/credit card abuse, burglary, and theft, and at times execute criminal warrants. The Criminal Investigation Unit is assigned the investigation of all criminal offenses against persons, including threats, harassment, assaults, kidnappings, and homicides. They also investigate child abuse, which includes the physical and sexual abuse of children. Detectives also investigate cases of domestic violence assault between couples; spouses, boyfriend/girlfriend, ex-spouses and ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend. Assaults of this nature comprise a large percentage of the total assaults reported to law enforcement. Statistics indicate that early intervention by law enforcement tend to decrease the possibility of future violence. We also have an investigator that concentrates on sexual assault offenses against persons. These detectives have received specialized training and possess the skills necessary to conduct these types of investigations.