Visitation at the Jefferson County Correctional Facility will restart Sunday (9/26/2021).

Forensics Division

Mission Statement

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Forensic Crime Scene Unit and Records Division pledges to provide the citizens of Jefferson county with the finest scientific investigation. The techniques used are based upon the latest technology and training available to the Division. The Division further pledges to strive to provide the most accurate criminal record acquisitions management, and dissemination possible.

The Forensic Crime Scene Unit and Criminal Records Division is responsible for the collection of physical evidence at crime scenes in Jefferson County. Furthermore, the Division processes collected evidence using scientific methods to reveal latent or hidden characteristics, such as fingerprints.

Our Criminal Records Division is the repository for rapsheets, mugshots, and fingerprints of all individuals arrested in Jefferson County. In addition, the Criminal Records Division is responsible for registering sex offenders residing within the County. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department was the first agency in Texas to centralize the registration of sex offenders within a county. Prior to this, all sex offenders were registered only within their individual cities. The centralization of this function makes it easier to track sexual predators in Jefferson County.