Evidence Submission

The Laboratory accepts evidence Monday-Friday between the hours of 8-4, but is closed each day from 12-1 for lunch. Evidence and other deliveries will not be accepted at that time.

Law enforcement agencies submitting more than 10 items of evidence are required to make an appointment at least a day in advance to submit evidence. To make an appointment, please call the Crime Lab at (409) 726-2577.

Proper packaging and completed submission form(s) are required for evidence submission, and offense reports should be included with all cases except for controlled substances/dangerous drugs. The Laboratory Services Guide can assist agencies in the proper collection and packing of evidence, as well as many other matters concerning the Laboratory.

By submitting evidence to the Laboratory for forensic evaluation or analysis, the submitting agency is agreeing to the Laboratory’s standard of service. The submitting agency is also authorizing the Laboratory to select the appropriate method for testing and to make other technical decisions regarding the evidence, as appropriate. The Laboratory’s standard of service and a list of the methods utilized by the Laboratory are available in the “Lab Information” section of this website.

The Crime Lab does not provide long term evidence storage, so as agencies submit evidence, they will normally be expected to pick up any items that have already been processed. Laboratory personnel have the right to suspend submissions if an agency refuses to pick up evidence upon completion of analysis.

Jefferson County Regional Crime Lab Submission Forms