Seized Drugs

The Drug Chemistry section receives over 70% of all cases submitted to the Laboratory. These cases involve the possession or distribution of substances such as marihuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, pharmaceuticals, and other drugs of abuse. These items are analyzed for use in criminal proceedings. Forensic Scientists in this section perform an array of analyses on these substances ranging from color tests to highly sophisticated techniques such as Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry and Fourier Transform-Infrared Spectroscopy. Identification of these substances may take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks to complete. A written report summarizing the results of the analysis is issued to the submitting agency and also to the appropriate prosecuting official.

Many packages of marijuana wrapped like bricks stacked against a wall.


A round pill on a measuring board. The pill has a wild cats head stamped on it as a trademark.


A rectangle brick of heroin wrapped in plastic with the number 11 embossed in it.


Many bricks of marijuana laid out on a table. Some bricks are large and others are small.


Many bricks of marijuana wrapped in plastic and stacked neatly on a table