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COVID-19 Related Documents and Declarations

Recertified Operating Plan for Conducting Jury Trials
Visitation at the Jefferson County Correctional Facility has been temporarily suspended beginning July 30, 2021 until further notice due to COVID 19.

Resolving Conflict at School

  • Attack problems, not people.
  • Express your feelings and needs in a non-blaming way.
  • Take ownership for your part of the problem.
  • Listen and seek to understand the other person's point of view before giving or defending your own.
  • Talk to a teacher.
  • Look for a solution to the problem by communicating in a positive way with the other person involved
  • Encourage positive different points of view, controversy, and honest dialogue-and then respect those ideas.
  • Focus on what can be done in a positive manner, not what can't.
  • Solve the problem in a positive way and build the relationship.
  • Use objective criteria when making decisions.