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Recertified Operating Plan for Conducting Jury Trials
Visitation at the Jefferson County Correctional Facility has been temporarily suspended beginning July 30, 2021 until further notice due to COVID 19.

Apartment Security

The downstairs main entrance door is not guaranteed protection against intruders, it is merely the first line of defense. Secure all windows and install a deadbolt lock on your apartment door as well a wide angle viewer (peephole) for proper security. NEVER depend on a chain lock. Use your peephole to "interview" strangers at your door. Ask all salesmen, solicitors, information seekers, etc., to produce valid credentials such as a driver's license and/or employee I.D. Any stranger who does not cooperate should be reported to the police as a potential threat. Use the intercom system wisely if available. If you do not know the person or persons who rang your bell, do not "buzz" the door for them to enter your building.

Cooperate with all other tenants in keeping the outer main doors locked. Do not permit strangers to enter the building as you are leaving or entering. The main entrance front door is a critical area for security. There must be a building policy in force that requires all non-residents to be screened outside the main entrance door by the tenant who is being visited to prevent unauthorized access.

Avoid using the laundromat in your apartment complex by yourself, especially at nighttime. Team up with a neighbor. If you are a woman living alone, do not place your full name on the identification slot or in the telephone directory. Use first and middle initials. Example: "M.C. Smith" rather than "Mary Smith". Be especially careful in carport areas. Lock your car. When entering or leaving, look around and be sure no one is lurking in the area. If you do see someone loitering (that doesn't belong) leave immediately and notify the manager or call the police.

If there is a storage compartment in the carport, don't place valuable items in them and expect that they will be secure. A good quality padlock should be used with a well secured hasp. Don't leave notes for the paper-boy or building manager advertising your absence. Have deliveries picked up by a friend or neighbor while on vacation. Use a timer for lamp or radio to give your apartment an occupied sound or look.

Develop a buddy system or apartment alert system with your neighbors in the apartment house to help protect each other's property. A well organized and active tenant association would be most helpful. Notify the building manager if you leave for an extended vacation and whether you will have a house sitter or someone caring for your apartment. Observe elevator interior before entering. Wait until the next elevator if you are uncertain of any occupant. Females riding alone should always stand near the control panel. If accosted, press all buttons including the alarm. If a suspicious person enters the elevator, exit before the door closes. Also, before exiting from the elevator, observe the corridor for suspicious activity.

A key cylinder should be changed within the lock if keys are lost and they clearly identify the location of your building or apartment. This should also be done if the apartment was formerly occupied and you are the new tenant. If you do see someone in your apartment complex that you do not recognize or who may be acting unusual, call the manager or police IMMEDIATELY. So many burglaries could be prevented if more people would report suspicious happenings. When you see a stranger carrying items out of a neighbor's apartment. PLEASE CALL. Don't feel like you are being a nuisance the police will welcome your alertness.