SCAMMERS are working hard in the Southeast Texas area to steal your money. The latest scam we have been advised of is a phone call from someone representing themselves as a JCSO Deputy. The Victim is being told that they didn’t appear for jury duty and that there has been a fine assessed. If they do not pay the fine, they will be arrested. The SCAMMER then sends the victim a barcode or QR code to scan. Once scanned, it allows the victim to send the SCAMMER funds. It may also allow the SCAMMER access to the victims banking accounts. TIPS TO PROTECT YOURSELF: • Once you scan a bar code or QR code, check the URL to make sure it is the intended site and looks authentic. A malicious domain name may be similar to the intended URL but with typos or a misplaced letter. • Practice caution when entering login, personal, or financial information from a site navigated to from a bar code or QR code. • If scanning a physical code, ensure the code has not been tampered with, such as with a sticker placed on top of the original code. • Do not download an app from a QR code. Use your phone's app store for a safer download. • If you receive an email stating a payment failed from a company you recently made a purchase with and the company states you can only complete the payment through a QR code, call the company to verify. Locate the company's phone number through a trusted site rather than a number provided in the email. • Do not download a bar code or QR code scanner app. This increases your risk of downloading malware onto your device. Most phones have a built-in scanner through the camera app. • If you receive a bar code or QR code that you believe to be from someone you know, reach out to them through a known number or address to verify that the code is from them. • Avoid making payments through a site navigated to from a bar code QR code. Instead, manually enter a known and trusted URL to complete the payment. (TIPS source PSA from FBI) link If someone contacts you attempting to receive money from you, DO NOT fall for the SCAM. You should always contact the business/agency directly. Never give out personal information to anyone who contacts you. If you have your date of birth, your phone number or any other personal information on social media you should remove it immediately. Citizens are encouraged to secure their personal information, monitor their banking accounts regularly and take measures to protect their online privacy. #OneCountyOneCommunity


8/29/2022 4:32 PM
Crystal Holmes, Captain