Suspect Arrested After An Escapt Attempt at the Jefferson County Courthouse

On Wednesday, 04/13/2022, 31 year old Brandon J. Miller of Beaumont reported to Judge Stevens court for a scheduled court appearance which also included a mandatory drug test. His test showed positive for illegal substances. Miller had been out on bond for multiple Narcotics and Evading Detention charges. After Judge Stevens ordered Miller to be remanded into the custody of Bailiffs for a failed drug test and behavioral issues in the courtroom, Miller turned and bolted from the courtroom. After encountering a Deputy just outside the courtroom door, Miller was able to pull away and jump from the second story balcony onto the first story floor. A Deputy stationed at the front entrance attempted to detain Miller just outside the door. Miller resisted arrest and the Deputy deployed his Taser. Miller was then taken into custody. Miller was transported to a local hospital for treatment. In addition to the previous charges, Miller faces additional charges. Judge Stevens has revoked all of Millers bonds.


4/13/2022 11:57 AM
Crystal Holmes, Captain