SCAM Alert

Late this afternoon, the JCSO has received numerous phone calls in reference to a SCAM. Citizens are receiving calls with the caller identifying themselves as either Law Enforcement or specifically the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. The caller claims that there is a fine that they need to pay or they will obtain a warrant for their arrest. Some claim that you do have a warrant for your arrest and if you pay the fine, you will not go to jail. DO NOT fall for this SCAM. No law enforcement agency will meet you and take money so that your fine will go away. Please note the phone number that you receive and block it from your phone. There are spoof apps out there that the criminal can use to make the phone number appear as a local number. These numbers are not traceable. If you ever question the authenticity of a Jefferson County Deputy, call 409-835-8411.


5/30/2018 4:57 PM
Crystal Holmes, PIO