Tips to help safeguard your property against thieves

Date: 01/26/2018 TOPIC: Deterring Thefts at Home Recently, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has seen a rise in the theft of tools and equipment both big and small. From hand tools to lowboys and construction trailers, thieves have been victimizing our community. We believe some of these thefts are at the hands of unscrupulous contractors and others are just a crime of opportunity. SECURE YOUR PROPERTY: 1.) Install lighting. Thieves are less likely to trespass on a well-lit property. 2.) Maintain a clean yard with materials and tools stored out of sight. 3.) Re-key your large equipment such as tractors so it is not commonly keyed. 4.) Utilize hub and/or hitch locks to prevent the trailer from a quick “hitch and go” theft. 5.) When possible, abut tractors to the trailer, smaller equipment, etc., making it difficult to remove them without also having to move the larger machinery. SECURE YOUR TOOLS: 1.) Secure tools in a locked storage building or garage. 2.) Engrave your Driver’s License number in a conspicuous and in an inconspicuous location on all tools, both manual and power as well as tool boxes. 3.) Take photographs of your tools, tool boxes, trailers, ATV's, yard equipment, etc. 4.) Write down all identifying markers on your possessions such as marks, name brands, serial numbers, etc. and keep in a location where they are easily accessible such as a digital folder. GARAGE DOORS: Unless you are actively working in and around your garage, you should keep it closed. Thieves drive through neighborhoods looking to see what they can steal. Don’t make it easy for them. Many times, Law Enforcement agencies recover these items but with no serial numbers nor other identifying marks, there is no way to return them to you. Please help us to help you! #OneCountyOneCommunity Captain Crystal Holmes Email: 409-835-8744 Main: 409.835.8411 Office:409-835-8744


1/26/2018 4:14 PM
Crystal Holmes, PIO