Fraud Alert

Citizens of Jefferson County are being targeted again by scam artists. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has received a number of reports from citizens stating that individuals are calling stating that they are with Jefferson County Warrant Division and that they have a warrant out for their arrest for a criminal offense or missing Federal Grand Jury. There are two ways these individual are trying to scam people out of money. One, they are being told to go to the store, get a Green Dot Credit Card and give the caller the card information so they can pay the bond or fine so they do not go to jail. The second way is that they tell them they need to get a certain amount of money and meet them at a certain location while staying on the phone with them the whole time. Each time the scam artists call a person they are giving different names and on occasion are using different phone numbers. None of these numbers cannot be traced. We strongly encourage citizens to be cautious of anyone calling and demanding money over the phone and to not meet strangers to pay them money. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office will never call you and demand payment for a warrant over the phone nor require you to get money and go to a certain location for payment. No legitimate organization should contact you to make any payment with a GreenDot Card. If you receive a call from one of the scamers call your local Law Enforcement Agency to make a report. We are actively investigating cases. Our goal is to keep the citizens of Jefferson County safe and informed.


9/27/2017 12:34 PM
Marcus McLellan,