Term Contracts

Jefferson County awards term contracts for goods and services costing more than $50,000 per year, and for goods and services the County needs on a routine basis. Usually, a contract is awarded for a one-year period, and will have the possibility of up to four extensions of one year each. The contractor and the County must mutually agree to renew the contract. In certain cases, a contract will be awarded for a period of greater than one year.

The table below shows each term contract, its current vendor(s), its next expiration date, and the number of possible renewals remaining. The last column provides a link to the current pricing for that contract.

If you have any questions regarding term contracts, please call the Purchasing Department at 409-835-8593, or e-mail Yea-Mei Sauer at ysauer@co.jefferson.tx.us

Contract Vendor(s) Expiration Date Renewals Remaining Current Pricing

Airport Lighting Supplies

Airport Lighting Company, blueglobes, llc

3/1/2022 2 Current Pricing IFB 19-004/YS
Last Updated: 8/9/2021 2:56:09 PM

Armored Car Service

Rochester Armored Car Co., Inc.

3/30/2022 2 Current Pricing IFB 19-013/YS
Last Updated: 3/26/2021 12:45:39 PM

Aviation Fuel for Jack Brooks Regional Airport

Titan Aviation Fuels

10/31/2023 0 Current Pricing IFB 20-042/YS
Last Updated: 10/22/2020 3:28:15 PM

Crushed Slag (Gr. 1, Type D, Class 2) & Asphalt Products

Martin Asphalt Company

4/26/2022 0 Current Pricing IFB 17-010/YS
Last Updated: 4/29/2019 9:18:54 AM

Disaster and Emergency Repair, Service, and Installation of Electrical Services

Gulf Coast Electric Co., Inc.

8/10/2022 0 Current Pricing IFB 20-024/YS
Last Updated: 8/12/2020 11:23:45 AM

Fire Sprinkler, Fire Pump, Kitchen Hood Suppression & Halon 1301 Fire Suppression Inspection

Advantage Interests, Inc.

6/14/2022 0 Current Pricing IFB 17-016/YS
Last Updated: 6/21/2021 11:05:08 AM

Gray Limestone (610 Base)

Gulf Coast, a CRH Company and Knife River Corporation-South

11/16/2022 2 Current Pricing IFB 19-056/YS
Last Updated: 2/8/2021 10:51:39 AM

Hydrated Lime for Jefferson County

Lhoist North America

9/13/2022 2 Current Pricing IFB 19-041/YS
Last Updated: 9/21/2020 1:14:58 PM

Indigent Burial Plots for Jefferson County

Claybar Haven of Rest Cemetery

10/6/2023 0 Current Pricing IFB 18-015/YS
Last Updated: 9/25/2018 3:15:39 PM

Inmate Clothing and Supplies for Jefferson County

Acme Supply Co., LTD, Bob Barker Company, Inc., Carolina Textiles, Charm Tex, Green Mountain Knitting, ICS Jail Supplies, Inc., Victory Supply, Inc.

7/12/2022 2 Current Pricing IFB 19-030/YS
Last Updated: 7/16/2020 2:51:48 PM

Inmate Shoes

PRIDE Enterprises

1/4/2023 2 Current Pricing IFB 19-062/YS
Last Updated: 1/6/2021 3:26:23 PM

Insecticides, Herbicides, Spray Adjuvants, and Adulticides for Jefferson County Mosquito Control District

Clarke Mosquito Control Products, Inc., Nutrien Ag Solutions, Inc., Pro Pest and Lawn Store, Target Specialty Products, Univar USA

3/28/2022 0 Current Pricing IFB 17-006/YS
Last Updated: 6/8/2021 8:03:58 AM

Janitorial Services

Southeast Texas Building Service, Inc.

11/19/2022 1 Current Pricing RFP 18-034/YS
Last Updated: 11/5/2020 2:28:08 PM

Janitorial Supplies

Auto-Chlor Services, LLC, Certified Laboratories, ICS Jail Supplies, Inc., Interboro Packaging Corp., Matera Paper, Sanitary Supply Co., SupplyWorks, Unipak Corp.

11/15/2022 1 Current Pricing IFB 18-052/YS
Last Updated: 3/1/2021 11:48:30 AM

Legal Notices

Beaumont Enterprise, The Examiner, Port Arthur Newsmedia

2/15/2023 1 Current Pricing IFB 19-001/YS
Last Updated: 3/1/2021 11:44:20 AM

Limestone Rock Asphalt

Vulcan Construction Materials, LLC

3/1/2022 4 Current Pricing IFB 21-003/YS
Last Updated: 3/23/2021 11:42:47 AM

Liquid Soil Stabilizer

Base Seal International

11/9/2022 2 Current Pricing IFB 19-047/YS
Last Updated: 12/2/2020 2:39:00 PM

Marine Motor Fuel

Sun Coast Resources, Inc.

5/3/2022 2 Current Pricing IFB 19-012/YS
Last Updated: 5/20/2021 3:29:27 PM

Morgue Transport Services 

Proctor's Mortuary

11/25/2022 1 Current Pricing IFB 18-051/YS
Last Updated: 2/8/2021 10:50:00 AM

Motor Fuel

Spidle Oil Co.

3/11/2022 4 Current Pricing IFB 21-001/YS
Last Updated: 3/3/2021 3:27:35 PM


Universal Operations LLC

11/30/2022 2 Current Pricing IFB 19-060/YS
Last Updated: 2/8/2021 10:50:54 AM

Paper Stock & Envelopes

Lindenmeyr-Munroe, Western-BRW paper Co. - Bosworth Papers

9/6/2022 2 Current Pricing IFB 19-038/YS
Last Updated: 2/10/2022 3:25:05 PM

Pest Control Services

Aattaboy Termite & Pest Control

7/13/2022 2 Current Pricing IFB 19-029/YS
Last Updated: 8/20/2021 8:57:13 AM

Road Building Materials for Jefferson County

Gulf Coast, a CRH Company, LD Construction, Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.,  Vulcan Construction Materials LLC

9/6/2022 2 Current Pricing IFB 19-040/YS
Last Updated: 9/21/2020 3:24:10 PM

Sheriff's Department Law Enforcement and Corrections Equipment and Uniforms

Burgoon Company, Galls, LLC, and TND Workwear Co., LLC

8/17/2022 4 Current Pricing IFB 21-046/YS
Last Updated: 10/20/2021 11:16:45 AM

Snack & Drink Vending Machines

John Paul's Food Service, LLC

11/24/2022 2 Current Pricing IFB 11-054/AW
Last Updated: 2/10/2022 3:26:32 PM

Temporary Canteen (Meal Catering) Following a Disaster/Emergency

Colin's Kitchen, LLC

6/28/2022 3 Current Pricing IFB 14-013/JW
Last Updated: 8/9/2021 2:59:12 PM

Trash Container Service

Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc., Republic Services of Beaumont

9/23/2022 3 Current Pricing - IFB 20-031/YS
Last Updated: 6/27/2019 11:37:43 AM