Mission Statement

The Purchasing Agent shall administer an effective program for the County by:
  • Carrying out the policy directives of the Commissioners' Court;
  • Providing timely, effective and efficient service to user departments and to vendors doing business with the County;
  • Maintaining open communication with departmental representatives and the public;
  • Controlling and reducing the cost of purchasing supplies, materials and equipment services;
  • Encouraging free and open competition in bidding.

Notices For Bid

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Term Contracts

Term Contracts for goods and services costing more than $50,000 per year, and for goods and services the County needs on a routine basis.
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Function of Office

In accordance with the Texas Local Government Code ยง262.011(a), the Jefferson County Purchasing Agent is appointed by and accountable to a Board comprised of three (3) District Judges and two (2) members of the Commissioners' Court. The Purchasing Board appoints the Purchasing Agent for Jefferson County to a two-year term and approves the budget for the Purchasing Department, including the Purchasing Agent's salary.

The Jefferson County Purchasing Policy is to:

  • Seek the best quality, lowest priced goods and services that meet the needs of the County and its personnel;
  • Provide all responsible vendors and contractors with equitable access to servicing the needs of Jefferson County and its personnel through competitive acquisition of goods and services;
  • Comply with all federal and state laws that apply to county purchasing and comply with the policies and procedures outlined in this manual;
  • Manage County assets and inventory so that replacement costs are minimized and County can account for all assets. All transfers in or out of county departments must be made by this office and approved by Commissioners' Court; and
  • Dispose of all surplus, salvage, seized and abandoned property in a manner that both provides the most benefit to the taxpayers of Jefferson County and complies with the law.The Purchasing Department is committed to promote effective, professional and consistent procurement in Jefferson County, as well as supporting the public belief that tax dollars are wisely spent.

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