Request a Search of Records

Requesting a Criminal Background Search

Our office can conduct a search of misdemeanor records filed in the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office only. The search fee is $10.00 per name and includes only class “A” and “B” misdemeanors as well as any Class “C” misdemeanors appealed from lower courts. Our office does not search for felonies or cases filed in other courts such as Justice of the Peace tickets or federal cases. Please provide the person’s full name and date of birth to assist in locating the correct individual. A “Search Letter” certifying to the results will be provided after payment.

Download a Criminal Case Search Request Form

Real Estate Records are available to the public via our County Clerk Web Access page:

Please call or email our office with information about the record you need or send a written request with payment to:

Jefferson County Clerk
P.O. Box 1151
Beaumont, TX 77704-1151

The duties of the County Clerk do NOT include the following:

  • Performing searches for title to real property
  • Performing searches for Assignments or Transfers
  • Checking for Reservations of minerals and royalties
  • Checking for Deed Restrictions
  • Performing searches for judgments or other liens except for Federal Tax Lien Searches which cost $15.00
  • Issuing Certificates concerning liens
  • Checking for Easements or Right of Ways existing on real property
  • Compiling listings of real property owned by companies or individuals

Our staff is available and happy to demonstrate how to access our records on our public workstations and in our books. We suggest contacting a title company or an attorney for legal assistance with any of the above items.

Official Public Records, Assumed Names, marriage licenses

Civil lawsuits filed in County Court at Law No. 1
Probate and guardianship cases
Class “A” and “B” Misdemeanor criminal cases
Copies of real property documents already on file