When is my court date? Can I reset the date?

The Criminal Courts now offer the ability to search dockets and settings online.

You can also contact the Misdemeanor Courts to verify a court date at (409) 835-8431.

What is my case number?

You can find this information by searching our Online Records page or contacting the Courts Division Office at (409) 835-8475, Option 3.

What is a bond forfeiture case?

A bond forfeiture case is filed by the State of Texas when a misdemeanor defendant has failed to appear for a hearing or trial. If an answer is not filed in a timely fashion, the plaintiff may take a default judgment. Contact your attorney or the Courts Division at (409) 835-8475, Option 3.

How do I obtain a Cash Bond Refund?

After the case has been disposed of, the Defendant or the person who deposited the money with the Sheriff’s Office (and whose name appears on the receipt - a copy of which must be provided to the County Clerk) should bring state or federal government issued identification to the Courts Division, 1085 Pearl Street, Beaumont, TX 77701, to receive a cash bond refund.

Where do I pay my court fees?

All misdemeanor fines and fees are collected by the Sheriff’s Office at their Beaumont Office located at 1085 Pearl Street, Beaumont, TX 77701. The County Clerk’s Office does not collect any misdemeanor fines and fees.