Web Access FAQ

CSS Logo

Web Reporting Registration At cssreporting.com the user will see: CSS Login

Click on ‘Not Registered Yet?’
User will then see:

CSS New Account

To complete registration, the user will need their WEB REPORTING ID from the probation officer. Along with the ID, the user must present the same Date of Birth that CSS Case Tracking has stored and the county associated with the probationer.
The user will create a custom User Name, Password, and security question.
Upon successful registration, the user will see a banner at the top informing them a confirmation email was sent.

CSS Confirmation

The email will be from ‘Account Confirmation’ and subject ‘Account Confirmation’ with a link to complete registration.

To complete your registration process, please click on the link below to confirm and activate your account.
After clicking on the link it will prompt a success message and the user will be able to log in.

CSS Thankyou

Please keep in mind the following:

A $2.00 transaction fee will apply.
A convenience fee is also imposed by the Credit Card System Provider and that rate is influenced by the amount of the payment. Further details about this convenience fee may be addressed in speaking with the Community Supervision Officer overseeing the case(s).

Other Alternative Payment Methods