Before filing an Eviction Citation, a written Notice to Vacate with a minimum of 3 days (72 hrs) is to be given. If a lease contract states more or less days are to be given, use that number on the written vacate notice. The Notice must state the name of person being evicted, address of person, and reason for eviction. The notice is given to the tenant by the landlord. Keep a copy of the notice with the date and time the notice is served.

After filing an Eviction Citation ($54 filing fee plus $75 service fee), the hearing is usually set 14 days from the date of the eviction. If the judgement is in the plaintiff’s favor, the defendant has 5 days to Appeal the judgement (have a higher court hear your case in hopes of a different determination from the J.P. Court).

After the 5 day appeal period has expired, the plaintiff can file a Writ of Possession: an order to have the Constable’s Office there to keep the peace and oversee the removal of the tenant and the tenant’s property.

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