Jefferson County

Jefferson County Veterans Service Office

What is a DD-214?
A DD 214 is the official document of proof of a veteran’s active military service. The DD 214 contains a lot of personal information, including social security number, date and place of birth, etc.
Does Texas keep my DD 214 confidential?  
Where can I obtain my DD 214?
Your DD 214 can be obtain at the County Clerk's office. Click here
The DD 214 can be ordered through the Veterans Service Office if it is not on file at the County Clerk's offce.

What are important things a Veteran should know?
There are several documents and other information that the veteran and his/her spouse should obtain and keep in a safe place because these documents will be needed when applying for any benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs or the Social Security Administration, including the following:
  • Original discharge or DD-214. If you have the original, it is recommended that you put it on record at the County Clerk’s Office.
  • Copy of your marriage license as issued by the County Clerk’s Office.

  • Divorce decree of prior marriage for self or current spouse. If divorce decree is not available, the name of the previous spouse, date of divorce, and place where divorce was granted are needed.

  • Birth certificates or adoption decrees of children.

  • Social Security number for the veteran and the current spouse.

NSC—Pension Benefit

Must have 90 days of active duty with 1 day of war time period.
Other basic qualifications must be met.

Wartime qualifications must be during one of the following:

WWI: 4/6/1917—11/12/1918 or if served in Russia 4/6/1917—4/20/1920

WWII: 12/7/1941—12/31/1946

Korean War: 6/25/1950—1/31/1955

Vietnam War: 8/5/1964—5/7/1975 (veteran entitled to NSC-Pension if in Vietnam from 2/28/1961

Gulf War: 8/2/1990—No end date has been set by law at this time.