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Recertified Operating Plan for Conducting Jury Trials

Jefferson County, Texas
Commissioner Precinct 1

Vernon Pierce

Jefferson County, Texas
Commissioner Precinct 1

Vernon Pierce

Road & Bridge Services

  • County Road & Bridge Maintenance
  • County Right-of-Way Mowing
  • County Right-of-Way Drainage
  • Traffic Control & Street Signs
  • New Culvert Installation or Repair
  • Removal of Natural Debris and Dead Animals

Please contact our office by calling,

  • The Courthouse office @ (409) 835-8442
  • The Service Center @ (409) 434-5430

for any of the above listed services. Please be as specific as possible with your complaint and location. Complaints can also be submitted online via the R&B Complaint form.

Our email address is:

For other Services, please handle as provided below.


Please contact Jefferson County Engineering Department

Mosquito Control

All mosquito related concerns should be forwarded to the Jefferson County Mosquito Control Department.
(409) 722-5350.

Environmental Control

Contact the Environmental Control Department to report health hazards; including dumping of hazardous chemical.
(409) 722-0292

City Services

If you live in Precinct One but your area is maintained by the City of Beaumont, City of China, City of Nome, or City of Bevil Oaks then please contact your city hall, a work order must be completed and forwarded to the County Service Center from the city.