Septic Permits

All new septic systems must be permitted through Environmental Control before construction. The first step in acquiring a permit for an On-Site Sewer Facility (OSSF) system is to contact a septic installer that is licensed with the State of Texas. They will be able to assist you in getting the required paperwork to submit for an OSSF permit.

The following information will be needed in order to submit an application:

  • Site plan, site evaluation, and soil analysis results from a Professional Engineer or Sanitarian showing a facility can be installed on the property which meets the requirements of the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission's "Construction Standards".
  • Legal description of the property, which includes name of the subdivision, street name, unit number, lot number and block number, or abstract and tract numbers.
  • Map and/or directions to property.
  • Type of development such as residential or commercial. If residential, give number of bedrooms and square feet of living area.
  • Signed two year maintenance contract
  • An Affidavit to the Public that has been filled out, signed, and recorded at the County Clerk's office.

A final inspection of the facility is required. At the time of inspection the installer should have: tanks in place, drain field constructed, pipe and gravel connected and grouted, houseline connected to tank, an instrument set up, suitable backfill material on site (if required). This office must be contacted at least the day before an inspection if needed.

After the final inspection and approval of the facility, the owner of the property will be issued a New Installation Certificate.

A copy of Jefferson County's Order pertaining to maintenance requirements can be found under Rules and Regulations.

Maintenance Requirements

Ongoing service contracts are required for systems that use secondary treatment, drip irrigation, and surface application disposal. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to have a service contract for the life of the system. Initial contracts are for a two-year period. Subsequent contracts must be renewed 30 days prior to expiration of the current contract. The contract requires that your maintenance provider perform a site visit once every 4 months. Failure to hold or renew your contract can result in legal action against the property owner as allowed by law.

At a minimum, your contracted maintenance company must:

  • Inspect components of the system and note whether or not every component is working during each site visit;
  • Submit a report to the permitting authority and owner at least once every four months. All test results and maintenance reports shall be sent to the permitting authority within 14 days after the test is performed.
  • Install a maintenance tag, or some other form of identification, on the system at the beginning of each maintenance contract. This tag shall either be punched or marked at the time of each visit to provide the owner with a record of the visit.
  • Respond to owner complaints.