Jefferson County Juvenile Probation Header

Chief Juvenile Probation Officer - Edward "Ed" Cockrell, Sr
Casework Manager - Latricia Coleman
Casework Manager - LaRonda Turner
Detention Superintendent - Dennis Copeland

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Jefferson County Juvenile Probation
Department, under the direction of the Juvenile Board,
to serve the Juvenile Court and be accountable:

To direct the rehabilitation, education, care,
and security of youthful offenders between
the ages of 10 to 17;

To protect the community;

To be sensitive to victims' issues;

To address elements in society that contribute to delinquency;

To provide a better understanding of juvenile delinquency
trends through community education; and,

To continue to recognize the value of research as it relates
to the causal factors and supervision methods.

Facility Operating Procedure - Privilege Level System

Facility Operating Procedure - Sexual Abuse and Mistreatment

PREA Audit

PREA Parents Information

2015 Annual Compliance Report

PREA - Year over Year Analysis

PREA - Audit Final Report

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