Michael Sinegal

Tonuia Ford

Michael Shane Sinegal, Precinct 3 Commissioner,
525 Lakeshore Drive
Port Arthur, Texas 77640
Office: (409) 983-8300
Fax: (409) 983-8303
Email: msinegal@co.jefferson.tx.us





Tonuia Bernard, Secretary
Email: tbernard@co.jefferson.tx.us

Jefferson County Road and Bridges Precinct #3

Jason Castille

Kimberly Doyle

Jason Castille, Superintendant,
5700 Jade Avenue
Port Arthur, Texas 77640
Office: (409) 736-2851
Fax: (409) 736-2251
Email: pct3sup@co.jefferson.tx.us





Kimberly Doyle, Secretary
Email: pct3sc@co.jefferson.tx.us

Precinct #3 has 80.34 miles of road, with three bridges, two on Wilbur Road and one on Big Hill Road.

Duties of Precinct #3 Road and Bridge
• Maintain the county roads of the unincorporated areas including Sabine Pass,
Big Hill, and Hamshire
• Maintain all county bridges and drainage in Precinct #3
• Maintain culverts right of ways, ditch mowing, signage and drainage
• Assist with Parks and Wildlife and General Land Office
• Maintain and operate Walter Umphrey State Park as well as access to 11 boat launches
• Maintain four boat ramps in Precinct #3




Walter Umphrey State Park
Beverly Dittrich

Staff Photo

Beverly Dittrich

Maintenance Department

Shenita Keyes

Mark Bernard, Superintendant
709 Lakeshore Drive
Port Arthur, Texas 77640
Office: (409) 983-8307
Fax: (409) 983-8303
Email: mbernard@co.jefferson.tx.us

Shenita Keyes

Shenita Keyes, Secretary
Office: (409) 983-8307
Fax: (409) 983-8303
Email: skeyes@co.jefferson.tx.us

Shenita Keyes

Maintenance Department maintains buildings and grounds of the Sub-Courthouse, Adult Probation, Health and Welfare, DPS offices.