Precinct 2 Mid-County Maintenance

Department:   Roads & Bridges - Pct. 2                                               
Reports To:    Precinct Superintendent

Summary:  Performs general maintenance and repair work to all Mid – County buildings in Precinct 2 to insure grounds, and equipment are maintained in safe, efficient operating condition.

Essential Job Functions: Performs skilled work to maintain and/or repair buildings, facilities and equipment. Duties may include but are not limited to: electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, construction work, concrete work, painting buildings, grounds maintenance, spraying herbicide, vehicle and equipment maintenance and repair. Assist with regular inspections of buildings, lights, and changes lights. May also assist with general custodial tasks. May pick up parts and supplies, answer telephone, and/or do routine filing. Regular and predictable attendance is an essential function of this position. Directs routine and emergency maintenance and repair of buildings, and equipment, including but not limited to structural repairs, electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems; also oversees landscaping and grounds maintenance work; makes daily visual inspections of all Mid County facilities and buildings to insure maintenance standards are met or exceeded at all times; evaluates maintenance and/or repair requirements; assigns jobs in order of priority; obtains necessary work orders; checks work in progress and completed work; supervises Maintenance personnel; insures proper training; schedules work; participates in performance evaluations; evaluates requirements and purchases materials, equipment, parts and supplies; maintains adequate inventory of supplies and materials used regularly; handles requisitions and other paperwork; monitors expenditures; checks invoices and enters data in computer; arranges for repairs, service or construction to be performed by contractors when necessary; checks air conditioning systems, and equipment; assists with electrical repairs, plumbing, carpentry and other tasks as needed; attends seminars and workshops on job-related technical matters, energy conservation, equipment maintenance and repairs, etc.

Other Job Functions: Performs other landscaping duties as directed; performs other job related duties as directed.
NOTE: The above describes the general nature and level of work being performed by employees holding this position. This is not intended to be an exhaustive  list of all duties and responsibilities required nor are all duties listed necessarily performed by any one employee so classified.

Equipment Used: Tractor, mower, edger, weedeater, blower, sprayer, pruning tools, saw, shovel, hoe, other tools and equipment as needed for electrical work, carpentry, plumbing, mechanics, construction, concrete work, general building and grounds maintenance; general office equipment as needed.


Education & Experience: Skills and working knowledge of general maintenance, repair and construction work, equipment use and safety requirements usually obtained by on-the-job training; 6 months to 1 year of related job experience.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Ability to read, write and carry out instructions; verbal communication skills; basic mechanical skills; interpersonal skills necessary to interact and cooperate with co-workers.

Specialized Requirements: Must possess a valid Texas Drivers License.

WORK SITUATIONS/DEMANDS/EFFORT: Job requires working alone and as part of a group; flexibility in order to perform a variety of duties; performing routine, repetitive duties; drives a vehicle; operates machinery. Supervisor assigns tasks, gives instructions and checks work.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Work is performed outside more than 50% of the time; employee may be subject to adverse weather and environmental conditions, including temperature extremes, humidity and precipitation; noise and vibration; heavy machinery and equipment with moving parts; adverse atmospheric conditions from dust, fuel and chemical fumes, herbicides, paint, etc.. Work is also performed in all areas of airport facilities.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Job duties require regular walking and standing; working with tools, electrical equipment; heavy machinery; driving trucks and other vehicles; operating lawn, grounds and other mechanical equipment; climbing and reaching; moving objects weighing 50 lbs. or more, such as tools, equipment, supplies, paint, chemicals; by lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling. Appropriate safety precautions must be observed.