Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Summary: Services, performs preventive maintenance, and repairs all vehicles, mechanical equipments, and machinery used by the precinct to insure that it is in safe and efficient operating condition.


Essential Job Functions: Checks to assure that all equipment to be used each day is started, serviced, and in working condition; repairs flat tires and makes minor repairs in order to get equipment working properly; drives to job sites to change flats and make minor repairs; inspects all vehicles and equipment at regular intervals to assure safe, efficient operation; performs recommended preventive maintenance procedures; performs routine maintenance on automotive equipment which includes changing oil, lubrication, tune-ups, replacing hoses and batteries.  Services and repairs both gasoline and diesel engines, electrical systems, transmissions, carburetors, hydraulic systems, brakes; does body work and paints equipment, as necessary; does welding to repair and fabricate parts; repairs all equipment, as required.  Prepares cost estimates of repairs; confers with Foremen and/or Superintendent; orders parts; picks up parts when they come in, if necessary.  Confers with operators and drivers regarding problems with malfunctioning equipment; determines what is necessary to restore proper operation; keeps inventory of parts, tires, tubes, oil, lubricants and fluids; requests replacement supplies, as needed.  Makes traffic signs; puts signs out.  Drives truck and trailer to pick up equipment at job site; drives and operates all equipment, as needed.

Other Job Functions:  Performs other job related duties, as directed.
NOTE: The above describes the general nature and level of work being performed by employees holding this position. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities required nor are all duties listed necessarily performed by any one employee so classified.

Equipment Used: Hand and power tools as necessary for repair and maintenance of vehicles, mechanical equipment, and machinery; welding equipment; 5-ton lift to pick up heavy parts in shop; floor lift to service pickup trucks; front end loader to load trucks or heavy parts; truck and trailer to pick up equipment on road.


Education & Experience: High school diploma or GED; mechanical and technical skills and knowledge obtained by specialized training, formal education and/or extensive on-the-job training as a mechanic; 2 to 3 years of related job experience in mechanics, including both gasoline and diesel engines, and in the repair and operation of heavy road equipment.

Specialized Requirements - Texas Commercial Drivers License

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Verbal and written communication skills; ability to read and understand technical repair and installation manuals; math calculation skills; problem solving skills; ability to interact and cooperate with co-workers.  Must having working knowledge of maintenance, repair and operation of road work equipment used by the precinct, including:  GradAll, road grader, rollers, maintainer, oil distributor, spreader box, sheep foot, backhoe, front-end loader, bush hog, cement mixer, tractors, pick up truck, dump truck, water truck, oil truck, mowers, and trailers.

WORK SITUATIONS/DEMANDS/EFFORT: Job duties require organizing; attention to detail; flexibility in order to perform a variety of duties and assist with or coordinate several tasks; driving a vehicle; operating machinery; operating heavy road equipment in order to check service problems.  Employee solves problems independently; obtains supervisory approval before implementing solutions.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Work is performed primarily in an open shop area; employee also works outside and is subject to adverse weather and environmental conditions, including temperature extremes, humidity and precipitation; noise and vibration from heavy equipment; physical hazards from moving machinery, equipment with moving parts, and traffic; adverse atmospheric conditions from dust, fumes, chemicals.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Job duties require heavy work; may move automotive and equipment parts and other objects weighing up to 100 lbs. by lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling; frequent walking and standing is required.  Duties require appropriate safety precautions.