Sheriff  Inmate Precinct Work-crew Utilization Program

The Sheriff's Office inmate work program is a partnership with the Commissioners of each Precinct. Each Commissioner is assigned a Deputy who supervises the inmate work crew. The inmate work crews are designed for nonviolent misdemeanors who have been ordered by the court to be confined in the county jail as punishment for their crimes. The Sheriff's inmate work crew program is specifically designed to grant those who have shown responsibility and stability, the privilege of working in the community on county work projects. These participants will be supervised by Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Personnel to perform labor-intensive county/community service projects. All inmates are carefully selected, medically screened, and interviewed for consideration into the Sheriff Inmate work crew program. Participants in the program are expected to obey all rules and regulations set forth by the Sheriff's Office. Any violation of program guidelines will result in the inmate being placed back into the regular jail population. The Sheriff inmate work crew program will work closely with the Jefferson County Commissioners or their Road & Bridge Precinct Superintendent, to schedule and provide county/community service projects, such as county roads clean up (litter control), which is a top priority, public works, and maintenance projects. Currently Pct 2, has 5 inmates and one deputy supervisor assigned to work outside the jail, performing landscaping on county buildings, maintenance on county buildings and assisting the road and drainage crews of Pct 2 on county projects.

This program consists of inmates that volunteer to be a part of a work detail at the jail. Trustee selection is based on the inmate's past criminal history, current criminal charge, and his or her demeanor while incarcerated. During the warmer months, the work crew is responsible for the mowing and grounds-keeping of county maintained buildings and properties.  The Commissioners have grown to rely on inmates to county maintenance, trim trees, clear brush and otherwise maintain the county’s property and its vast system of roads. I have over 90 miles of county road in Pct 2 covering over 120 square miles, so there are endless duties for my inmate work crew. I really appreciate the cooperation and partnership with Sheriff Mitch Woods to assist the Commissioners and save the taxpayer’s money on maintenance of County projects through the use of inmate labor.