Veterans Memorial Park

In 2010, Jefferson County took ownership of the Veterans Memorial Park located off Hwy 73 in the form of care, maintenance and operations of the park. It is a partnership with the City of Port Arthur and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office which provides a deputy and inmate labor for clean up and maintenance of the park. For many years our local veterans mostly, WWII era dedicated themselves to the care, maintenance and operations of the park.  We need to preserve our history and honor the service of our local veterans. The veterans and volunteers should be commended for doing a fine job over the years maintaining the park, recruiting volunteers, and getting donations for support. The maintenance and operations are designated under Precinct 2. As a board member of the Jefferson County Historical Commission and a United States Marine Corps Veteran, I understand and recognize the important contributions of military history as well as the preservation of our local military veteran history. The Veterans Memorial Park is a standing example of the sacrifice our local veterans have made to our nation.

Memorial Day 2011

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