Precinct 2 Staff

Precinct 2 Staff Contacts

Commissioner Weaver

Administrative Secretary Tammy Rains

Road & Bridge Superintendent, Mike Trahan

Mid-County Maintenance, Frank Adams

Road Foreman, Hung Nguyen

Drainage Foreman, Charlie Moore

Precinct 2 Road, Bridge, Maintenance and Drainage Crew

The Jefferson County Precinct 2 Road and Bridge Department is responsible for road and bridge construction and drainage maintenance in the unincorporated areas of Precinct 2.  Precinct 2 Road & Bridge currently maintains approximately 93 road miles, spanning over 120 square miles. Inter-local agreements with cities and other governmental entities within Precinct #2 allow the County to work on certain projects. 

Precinct 2 Service Center is located off Hwy 69, at the Airport exit at the corner of Viterbo Road and Hwy 69.  Precinct 2 has 16 employees, one superintendent, two road/drainage foremen, seven senior equipment operators, two equipment operators, one utility maintenance road/highway worker, one heavy equipment mechanic and one administrative secretary. We also have one Maintenance worker under Mid-County Maintenance to oversee and conduct maintenance on all county buildings in Pct 2. The Pct 2 Maintenance Department maintains buildings and grounds of the Constable and JP Offices located in Fannett and Mid-County, the Voting office, Environmental Control, Mid-County Tax Office, and other County offices and buildings located in Pct 2.

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- Administrative Secretary
- Superintendent
- Road Foreman
- Drainage Foreman
- Pct 2 Maintenance
- Sr. Equipment Operator
- Equipment Operator/Maint. Worker
- Heavy Truck Driver
- Heavy Equipment Mechanic