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Recertified Operating Plan for Conducting Jury Trials

Mission Statement

Jefferson County Management Information Systems will strive to enhance the delivery of county services to the general public through the implementation and utilization of cost effective program development, network management and technological advancement.

Account Request Form

Please fill out the New Account/Transfer Account Request Form for new and/or transfer of accounts.

Please send all request for new accounts or changes to existing accounts to

In your email please indicate the access that is needed. If applicable please also include the name and/or username of an existing employee with the access. If possible, please include all access needed in one email. (AS400, Efile, Workflow, etc)

Keep in mind, access to the Accounting software (GMBA, Payroll, Purchasing….) side has to have Auditing’s approval first.


Summary of Activities

Over the years the Jefferson County Management Information Systems (MIS) department has developed an extensive network of systems and programs that extend across virtually all facets of County Government. Major application areas include County Jail Operations, Warrant Division Bookkeeping, Criminal District Courts, Civil District Courts, County Courts, the District Clerk's Office, the County Clerk's Office, Environmental Control, and the District Attorney's Office. As well, Juvenile and Adult Probation Services have extensive information systems as do the Child Support Office, Family Courts, and the Domestic Relations Office. The Justice of the Peace system covers virtually every aspect of those offices. Additional applications include Voter Registration, Absentee Voters, the Jury Wheel, the Crime Laboratory, and the Constables system.

In addition to the ongoing maintenance of existing applications in the previously mentioned areas, MIS staff supports several outside packages (County Clerk's Land Indexing and Document Imaging system, Sheriff's Office Prisoner Imaging & Tracking system, District Court E-Filing, H.T.E. Payroll and Budget Accounts, Child Support Dial-Up, Attorney General's Office Ledger Transmissions) and is responsible for day to day functioning of over 1,000 system, network, and stand alone terminals, PCs, printers, modems, controllers, routers, switches, etc.

Over the past four years the MIS department has developed and implemented comprehensive imaging systems for the District Clerk’s Office, Juvenile Probation and the District Attorney’s Office. Ongoing projects include the District and County Criminal Courts. In-house development of imaging systems allows for interoperability between departments and existing systems while reducing paper usage and increasing efficiency. For instance, when possible, court documents are created and filed as images without ever producing paper.

A recently completed VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) project now integrates the Counties phone system with our county wide network. Implementation of this project included enhanced voice recording systems for both 911 and the Sheriff’s Office.

The MIS department is also responsible for the actual printing of Jury Checks, Payroll Checks, Accounts Payable Checks, Jury Summonses, and weekly accounting reports for Commissioner's Court, the County Clerk and the County Treasurer.

The MIS department supports inter-agency applications such as State of Texas Live-Scan, the DPS “Failure to Appear” program, and the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission's Caseworker 4 system and a data base for the Attorney General's Office pertaining to Child Support payments and disbursements. Another of our interagency efforts is the real time data sharing provided for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies through broad band data connections and a variety of web interfaces.

Jefferson County MIS is responsible for the design, authorship and administration of the County’s Web Site. Features include real time updates for most District and County Court docketing. The county's web page includes the daily update and presentation of online Property Tax information with payment options. Online payment options also extend to Justice of the Peace Court Costs and Fines.

A county wide e-mail system is another critical function of the MIS department. As such, we managed approximately 800 e-mail accounts county wide. Our e-mail system includes automated attorney and bail bondsman notification systems for the courts.