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317th Civil District Court

IT IS ORDERED that all attorneys, parties, witnesses and spectators with cases pending in the 317th District Court shall notify the Coordinator by telephone or email if any of the above has or has knowledge that any of the above have COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms.

(409) 835-8588 or

Order of the 317th District Court

Honorable Larry Thorne, Presiding

Larry Thorne
Elected 1998

Previous legal experiences/area of practice before becoming a judge and with whom

  • University of Houston School of Law 1973
  • Past Member - State Council of Child Welfare Boards
  • Past Member - State Advisory Board on Child Welfare
  • Past Member - Regional Child Welfare Board
  • Past Chairman - Jefferson County Child Welfare Board
  • Past Board Member - Eastern Legal Services
  • 4 1/2 years as Assistant District Attorney in Jefferson County
  • 25 Years Experience in Family and Criminal Law
  • Chairman of the Jefferson County Juvenile Board
  • NCJFCJ Curriculum Development Committee
  • Advisory Council on Juvenile Services

Court Schedule

  • Regular Docket Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
  • CPS/Juvenile Day: Thursday – no regular docket
  • Additional Docket for Uncontested Divorces - Monday & Wednesday afternoons at 2:00 p.m., by appointment only

Scheduling Procedures

  • Uncontested Divorces: (waivers, defaults or agreeds) These are done every morning at 9:00 a.m. Please select the day you want the case set. We need to know the cause number, the last name on the case, the type (i.e., waiver, default or agreed) and the day you would like it set. You may contact the court via email, fax or telephone message. If you are selecting Monday or Wednesday, please be sure to specify a.m. or p.m. If there is a problem with your choice of day, Susie will contact you; otherwise, your case will be set as you asked. You will not receive a confirmation that your communication was received. Do not leave a number and request a return call for an uncontested divorce. Please do not select a Thursday as the 317th does not have a regular docket on Thursdays.
  • Temporary Hearings: a “walk-through” is usually best, especially if you have an emergency situation or pleadings outside the norm. Otherwise, place a post-it or other type of note on your pleadings or in your cover letter, which indicates 2 or 3 days on which you would like the temporary hearing set. This should not be sooner than 7 days from the filing day or later than 14 days from the filing day. The Court will schedule the hearing on one of the days you request and notify you by email or phone message of the day selected. Please do not select a Thursday as the 317th does not have a regular docket on Thursdays.
  • Contested Final Trial Settings: Please send a letter requesting a final contested trial setting, indicating jury or non-jury and the length of time you anticipate needing. You will be contacted by Susie to schedule the trial. Do not call the court to schedule a final contested setting, or to check on the status of your written request. We are working diligently to set final hearings in the order in which they are received.
  • Please advise your staff: The Court does not have information regarding filing and service fees. We do not have information on service, citations or returns of citations. Please call Domestic Relations for that information at (409) 835-8654 .
  • Thank you for helping us to be more productive in serving Jefferson County.

317th Special Projects

Jefferson County Family Treatment Drug Court

Jefferson County Family Treatment Drug Court is a long-term, judicially- supervised program designed to assist substance abusing parents involved with Child Protective Services. Jefferson County Family Treatment Drug Court uses a case management process that promotes positive social change and accountability. Although parents are the main target of services, best interest of the child is the determining factor in all family treatment drug court decisions. Jefferson County Family Treatment Drug Court meets twice monthly.

The Family Treatment Drug Court members are: 317th District Court Judge Larry Thorne, Child Protective Services, CASA, Southeast Texas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Family Services of Southeast Texas Inc., Ann Williams LPC, Anita Provo,

Jefferson County Adult Probation Drug Intervention Program, Trinity Methodist Temple, and Beaumont Occupational Services.

Parents eligible for the Jefferson County Family Treatment Drug Court must:

  • Have an open CPS case,
  • Be willing to actively participate in the program,
  • Be diagnosed with substance abuse as defined by the latest DSM criteria,
  • Not be a violent offender,
  • Not have a mental health condition that precludes participation in substance abuse treatment.

Family Group Conference

A Family Group Conference (FGC) is a formal meeting where members of the child(rens) immediate family come together with extended family and members of the child(rens) community to develop a plan to keep the child(rens) safe. The conference is arranged by a FGC coordinator and facilitated by trained facilitators. The role of professionals at a FGC is to provide information and offer consultation to family members rather than to influence or make decisions.

FGC helps to promote and develop the capacity of families and communities to care for and protect children. The FGC process is intended to use the strengths and resources of the family to take ownership of the problem and how it is best managed within their capabilities and culture.

The Jefferson County Family Treatment Drug Court FGC Project accepts referrals from Juvenile Probation.

For more information on either program you may contact:

Patricia Velasco
215 Franklin St Suite 157
Beaumont Texas
(409) 835–8671

Kelly Webster
215 Franklin St Suite 157
Beaumont Texas
(409) 835–8671