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Recertified Operating Plan for Conducting Jury Trials

Harold "Lee" Doucet, Constable Pct. 8


Constable Harold "Lee" Doucet, Jefferson County, Precinct Eight, Port Arthur, Texas provides the following services:

  • Serve Civil and Criminal papers, as directed by the court. Papers served by this office, include Citations, Notices, Warrants, Peace Bonds, Subpoenas, Writs, Summons, Executions, Precept to Serve, Temporary Restraining Order, Temporary Protective Order, Injunctions, and Order of Sale
  • Constable and Deputies bailiff the Justice Court and assist all law enforcement agencies, as required. Additionally, the Constable and Deputies stay connected and involved in the community by keeping them aware of any potential problems and progress. Constable and Deputies also assist invalids with emergency evacuation.
  • Previous services and accomplishments of Precinct 8 include successfully leading A.S.A.P.- Absent Students Assistance Project, which is a community-based collaborative designed to increase the school attendance rates of students in the Port Arthur Independent School District. Through the ASAP Collaborative, Constable Collins and Deputies worked with PAISD to fully and effectively implement its Truancy Prevention Program, as prescribed by HB 2398. Precinct 8 ASAP Officer’s documentation reflected a significant number of Home Visits; Truancy Diversion Program Classes for students and parents; Investigations into unexcused school absences, as requested by school officials; ongoing Truancy Prevention training for school leaders and attendance clerks; and student transports, as requested by school officials. The aforementioned activities significantly reduced court referrals and improved student attendance rates across the district, as expected by HB 2398, in fulfillment of program goals, and in support of our beloved community.