Last Update: 6/28/2022
1 Objectives
2 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
3 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA/ADAAA)
Reasonable Accommodation Policy
  What Is Reasonable Accommodation?
  Examples of Reasonable Accommodation
  Who Is Entitled To Reasonable Accommodation
  Procedures for Request and Provision of Reasonable Accommodation
  Documentation of the Need for Reasonable Accommodation
  Undue Hardship
3.2 ADA/ADAAA Grievance Procedures
4 Employment
4.1 Definitions of Employment Status
4.2 Employment Process
  Methods for Filing Applications
  Establishment of A Qualified Group
  Post-Employment Offer Examinations
4.3 Employment of Relatives
4.4 Re-Employment
4.5 Employment of Minors
4.6 Secondary Employment
  Application For Promotion or Transfer Form (Attachment A)
  Applicant Referral Form (Attachment B)
  Interviewing Do’s And Don’ts (Attachment C)
5 Employee Relations
5.1 Orientation
  Work Site Orientation Checklist (Attachment A)
5.2 New Employee Orientation Period
5.3 Conflict of Interest
5.4 Political Campaigning
5.5 Conditions of Employment
Sample Departmental Guidelines (Attachment A)
5.6 Grounds For Immediate Dismissal
5.7 Progressive Discipline
  Corrective Action Notice Form (Attachment A)
5.8 Award for Excellence
  Awards Nomination Form (Attachment A)
5.9 Dress and Personal Appearance
5.10 Telephone Use
  County Phones
  Personal Cellular Phones
  Cell Phone Reimbursement
  Safety Issues For Cellular Phone Use
5.11 Computer, Electronic Mail and Internet Use
5.12 Email Access & Security
6 Health and Safety
6.1 Smoking Policy
  Scents in the Workplace
6.2 Infectious Diseases in The Workplace Policy
  Occupational Exposure To an Infectious Reportable Disease
Affidavit Form (Attachment A)
  Occupational Exposure To A Reportable Disease Disclosure
Form (Attachment B)
6.3 Operation of Jefferson County Vehicles
  Training & Certification of Jefferson County Vehicle Operators
6.4 Workplace Violence
6.5 Safety & Security Policy
  Request for Replacement Badge Form
  Receipt and Acknowledgement of Safety & Security Policy Form
6.6 Work Breaks & Breaks for Nursing Mothers
7 Harassment/Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Policy
7.1 Harassment and Sexual Harassment
7.2 Non-Retaliation Policy
8 Drug and Alcohol Policy

Drug and Alcohol Policy for Employees Subject to the Department
Of Transportation Regulations

9 Emergency Closing
10 Wages
10.1 Pay Periods
  Paid Holidays
  Religious Holidays
  Direct Deposit
10.2 Vacation
10.3 Overtime/Compensatory Time
10.4 Classification and Compensation
10.5 Workers’ Compensation Policy
11 Leaves
11.1 Sick Leave
11.2 Personal Leave
11.3 Funeral Leave
11.4 Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  Family Medical Releave Act FORMS (Attachments A, B & C)
  MILITARY - Exigency Form WH-384
  MILITARY - Current Servicemember Form WH-385
  MILITARY - Veteran for Caregiver Leave Form WH-385V
11.5 Unpaid Leave of Absence
11.6 Military Leave
11.7 Court Duty
11.8 Paid Quarantine Leave for Peace Officers and Detention Officers
  Checklist And Consent Form - Quarantine Leave For Peace Officers And Detention Officers
  Request Form - Quarantine Leave For Peace Officers Detention Officers
12 Personnel Records and Privacy
  Jefferson County Public Access Authorization Form (Attachment A)
13 Retirement
  Texas County & District Retirement System
  Social Security
13.1 Retiree Health Insurance
14 Employee Benefits And Services
  Group Health Plan
  State Unemployment Insurance
  Basic Life Insurance
  Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D)
  Supplemental Life Insurance
  Spouse Life Insurance and Dependent Children Life Insurance
  Worker’s Compensation
  457 Deferred Compensation/ROTH IRAs
  Section 125/Flexible Spending Account
  Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance
  Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
15 Separation from Employment
  Administrative Separation
  Reduction In Workforce
16 Employee Grievance Procedure
  Employee Mediation Request Form (Attachment A)
  Employee Grievance Form (Attachment B)
17 Travel Policies & Procedures
  Travel Expenditure Claim Form (Attachment A)
18 Cash Advance Policies & Procedures