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The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Warrant Division is teaming up with all local law enforcement and Federal law enforcement agencies to form a Safe Streets Task Force.

The primary mission of the Jefferson County Safe Streets Task Force is to target high crime areas by utilizing outstanding federal, state and local arrest warrants while lowering the crime rate, developing criminal information, and obtaining information on unsolved crimes and gang related activity.

This is a multi-agency task force comprised of local, state and federal officers from Jefferson County. The purpose and intent of the task force is to apprehend and prosecute dangerous and repeat offenders who are fugitives from Justice. By combining federal, state and local agencies, crime related information can be shared beyond jurisdictional boundaries thereby enhancing each agency’s ability to solve a multitude of various crimes, through the dissemination of information between agencies.

The Task Force will be comprised of two components. The first being an investigative component comprised of one investigator from each participating city. The second component is the Sheriff Fugitive Warrant Deputies responsible for serving all the arrest warrants on fugitives. Also, participating are agents from federal law enforcement agencies. This task force will be coordinated through the Beaumont F.B.I. Office.

The priority of the Investigative teams is to take the developed information relating to criminal activity within their respective jurisdiction focusing on violent and gang related crimes by building prosecutable federal and state cases against individuals and criminal enterprises. The task force will promote the sharing of intelligence of criminal information. This task force is a cooperative effort by all local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in Jefferson County.

The Fugitive Warrant Division is responsible for the administration, finances, management, and execution of an estimated 22,000 criminal warrants each year. All warrants issued within the county or sent from without the county are managed through our system, which holds about 80,000 warrants. The Division is also responsible for the coordination and execution of extraditions and transfers of fugitives. In cases where the fugitive was on bond, the Division collects the total cost of transportation from the bonding company.

The Division is also responsible for assisting with courtroom security, relief bailiff duty and criminal subpoena service. Our unit also investigates runaway juveniles, missing persons and serves mental commitment orders.

The Fugitive Warrant Division returns considerable funds to General Operating Fund through arrest fees, extradition fees and arrest of targeted parole fugitives.

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