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11/1/2016 AFRS Procedure On Accusation Bonds.

Rule: Surety Bondsmen will be allowed to file an AFRS with the Magistrate Judge at the Jail on ACCUSATION bonds ONLY that they have posted, if the case has been filed the Bondsman will have to bring the AFRS to the proper court. The Bondmen will have to file the AFRS on ACCUSATION bonds during normal business hours, M-F, 7-4 Closed on Holidays. The Bondsmen MUST have sufficient reason to file the AFRS. ALL the information is required to be on the AFRS form and verified by the Bondmen as well as the jail. The Judge Magistrate (Giblin or Plessala) will have the right to review the AFRS if they see the need to or want to check and verify the reason and information on the form. Once the AFRS has been approved and signed Mary Godina will pick the AFRS forms up from the jail and make a copy for herself and bring the original to Cindy Ferguson. Cindy will then verify that the case has NOT been filed and update the Jail screen to show the AFRS has been filed on the ACCUSATION. Putting the information on the jail screen will let the DA's office know the bind is no longer good and if the case is filed there will need to be a warrant issued. Cindy will make copies of the AFRS and Bond. The original AFRS will stay with a copy of the bond in Cindy's file. The original bond and a copy of the AFRS will be returned to the Bondsmen. If there are any questions regarding the AFRS on ACCUSATION Bonds please contact:

Cindy Ferguson
or Mary Godina

M-F, 8-4 Closed on Holidays

Thank You

This rule will go into effect on November 1, 2016

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